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Music can be an ambitious passion. , concert pianist Ting Yun.
Thats is why it is vital to learn from the very best piano teachers Adelaide. Ting Yun Piano School was founded in 2017 by award winning

Beginner piano lessons Adelaide

Tings’ teaching methods combine the traditional Solfége, the education method used to teach pitch and sight singing, and the conventional alphabetical pitch system. When it comes to piano, Ting Yun brings a friendly and professional approach. His fully equipped studio will not only make you feel at


for beginners .


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Piano for beginners Adelaide

Piano teachers Adelaide Ting Yun has a talent for bringing the love of piano lessons Adelaide into your life. Ting uses a variety of Music Lessons Adelaide methods to make sure that you. He understands that every student has a different way of retaining information, so his lessons typically combine VAK, visual, auditory or kinesthetic, assessments. These methods for beginner piano lessons Adelaide will help the student to discover their own musical nature and accelerate their learning significantly. These learning styles help ensure that your music lessons Adelaide journey starts off well.


Music lessons Adelaide

Ting's Piano School holds frequent concerts, mainly in front of other students as well as for the public. This is so every student of every different level has the opportunity to perform.  The Piano teachers Adelaide gives the students a chance to perform in a concert setting, as well as an opportunity to show their friends and families the skills they have picked up from music lessons Adelaide.





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