Exclusive Teaching Methods


Ting Yun's method combines the traditional Solfége and the Alphabetical pitch system. Each student will be assessed on their learning styles with VAK (Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic) assessments. This method will allow the student to accelerate their learning significantly. 

Instrument Specifics


The teacher will identify the student's strengths and areas for improvements. From here the teacher establishes short term, medium, and long-term goals, and will help the student to achieve them effectively. 

Teaching for all Age


Ting Yun's training style focuses on fundamental musical and technical aspects concurrently from day one. These include pitch training, rhythm, and note reading. The students will be enquired to think critically and demonstrate their skills in every lesson. 

  Introduction Program (Piano, Violin)    

Our Introduction Program requires absolutely no background in instruments or music at all. The program accepts students of all ages and is especially suitable for adults. This program offers 12 weeks of intense training that can jump-start your musicianship, and equip you with exceptional knowledge and skills.

Enrollment fees:

Monthly payments based on private lessons and/or online campus accesses 
$40/half hour, $80/hour. 

Allow one make up credit per month*


Juniors Program (Piano, Violin)    

TYMI Junior Program has been the highlight of the school. With Ting Yun's specialised teaching methods, your child will develop the best skills and the most comprehensive musicianship for a bright future in performance arts. 


Enrolment fees:

Monthly Payments with $30/numbers of half hour lesson, $60/number of hour lesson

Package Policy:
Allow 1 make up credit per month*

Advanced Specific Training and Grading (Piano, Violin)

Ting's Piano School holds weekly technique forums. Every student of every level has opportunities to demonstrate their technique and learn from each other. Ting Yun will assess your technique and make suggestions and corrections accordingly. These weekly forums will improve your technique significantly, you may register to attend this class and experience the weekly achievements provided by TYPS Technique Training. The grading system is as shown as below. 


Enrolment fees: Monthly payment of $75/ numbers of private lessons 
Free Access to Online Campus

Allow 1 make up credit per month*


AMEB Exam Preparation

Ting's Piano School offers comprehensive programs for AMEB (Australian Examination Board) grade exams for every student. 

Enrolment fees: Monthly payment of $75/ numbers of private lessons 
Free Access to Online Campus

Allow 1 make up credit per month*



Monday-Friday 7:00am-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 7:00am-5pm




82 Bray Street

Morphettville SA 5043

South Australia

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